Mixed martial arts (MMA) has become a fast growing sport.  It was popularized by pay per view events such as the UFC, Pride, the Ultimate Fighter reality show and various others.

At the Leading Edge our coaches are experienced in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Boxing, Bang Muay Thai, and even qualified staff to provide the best fitness opportunities in Thunder Bay. Our aim is to create students equally, to be comfortable in their stand up, clinch and ground phase of a fight.

Regular attendance has proven to reduce stress and develop confidence, self-discipline, perseverance and a high level of physical conditioning. It will provide you mental and physical edge whether in the street, ring or everyday life.

Benefits of training at Leading Edge
  • Experienced decorated fight team
  • Northwestern Ontario`s top coaching and fitness staff
  • Fantastic equipment
Great Facility, Large Training Cage
  • Focus on student safety
  • Professional, amateur and recreational levels

Fighters from Leading Edge have been competing in MMA events across Canada and the US since 2008. They have competed in Canada`s largest events such as Bellator, Havoc, Maximum fighting championships, Canadian Fighting Championships, Wreck MMA, Raw Combat and King of the Cage to mention a few. Within that time frame, they have developed a reputation as being tough, skilled and well rounded fighters that should never be taken lightly.

Every so often, we offer an intro to MMA course for teens, children and adults. This class introduces students to the main fundamental skills from Boxing, Bang Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling with a major focus on fitness.

Come tryout one of our classes today!

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