Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Leading Edge MMA is an affiliate club of Professor Daniel Moroney and the Bravado Jiu-jitsu Academy. Professor Moroney has been our technical director for over 11 years. All belt grading’s at Leading edge MMA are through the approval of Professor Moroney who is a Royler Gracie 3rd degree black belt.

Benefits of Leading Edge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • An excellent self-defense system
  • Easy on the body
  • Promotes kinetic awareness
  • Option to train for competition
  • Core system of mixed martial arts
  • Great full body workout

Brazilian or Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was made famous by the Gracie family in the early days of the UFC. It is one of the most respected and effective grappling arts in the World. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is not based on strength but on using position, leverage and technique. This allows a much smaller person to control and defeat a larger opponent with the ability to injure to the degree necessary to the situation.

BJJ takes a very realistic approach to self-defense making it extremely effective in actual situations. BJJ can be divided into three areas of practice, self-defense, sport, and Vale Tudo or “MMA” or “No Holds Barred (NHB)” techniques. The self-defense aspect of BJJ are designed to deal with unexpected aggression in real life such as a fist fight or an attacker coming at you with a weapon and so forth. The sport aspect of BJJ emphasizes technical skills with points being awarded for gaining advantageous, fighting positions such as take-downs, passing the guard, side control, mount, and taking the back. The objective is to make your opponent submit using one of a variety of techniques such as arm locks, shoulder locks, wrist locks, chokes, ankle locks and knee bars. The sport situations provides practitioners the ability to hone their skill against a live resisting opponent without really ascertaining actual bodily damage, if while training in a controlled environment. “Live resisting opponents” being the key to developing sensitivity and defensive awareness. The third way BJJ is practiced is Vale Tudo, NHB or MMA. This side of the art is very popular from television events such as the UFC and PRIDE events. In Vale Tudo students learn to defend against a well rounded skilled opponent. Competitors can use almost any type of attack and submission to try and get an advantage over their opponent and win.

Since most fights end up on the ground, BJJ focuses on the hierarchy of superior and inferior positions on the ground. This foundation allows practitioners to control and submit their opponents. At Leading Edge, our BJJ classes are divided into two categories, Fundamentals and Intermediate. Both the Fundamental and Intermediate class will have GI (uniform) and NO-GI (shorts and a t-shirt) classes. There will also be BJJ classes with a special emphasis on take-downs, MMA and self-defense.

BJJ Bear Crawls

Our Fundamentals class introduces students to the cornerstone principals and techniques of BJJ with a special attention to self-defense and controlling skills. This class is open to all students, on Monday & Wednesday in a GI. The new student will learn the basic core techniques, while the advanced student will be able to hone and sharpen their tools with the drills and skills taught in this class.

Note that from season to season schedules do change to include No-gi on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Visit the Scheduled page to check for the availability and times.

From time to time, there will be  various class peer Coaches throughout our program with showings from Brown Belts Matt Thorburn, Matt Veal, Michael Maronese, Travis Duncan, David Letourneau, Tson Douangmala, & Purple Belts Nathan Hatton, and even possibly others, or when we have high ranking visitors from other gyms. Leading Edge’s team has been fortunate enough to have members with interest and expertise in other grappling, wrestling and other submission arts.

Come learn from the best in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada!


The second class is Intermediate BJJ, on Saturdays No-GI and Sundays with a GI. The Intermediate class will introduce students to many of the arts advanced techniques, set-ups, combinations and strategies. This class will involve more drilling, rolling (live sparring), and a lot more focus on tournament ideologies, as compared to the Fundamentals class.

Typically, an Intermediate BJJ class is only reserved for students with a minimum two stripes on their White Belt to participate. However, all students are encouraged to attend, pending on judgement by the Coach leading the class, of the students capabilities for the basics to ensure a safe, controlled, and fun environment.

Check the updated schedule for details!

Leading Edge BJJjpg

We welcome all and are highly open to visiting BJJ practitioners. Our students are all welcome to train at any other training facility as well.

We want you to maximizes your learning experience…

Everyone benefits from the growth of BJJ…

Train with everybody, learn from everybody, and leave the ego at the door…

Come by and try out a class… you won’t regret it!

BTW… Warning!!!!

BJJ is Addictive lol!


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